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Discover all our well-being formulas

You will find all our formulas in our online store. Do not hesitate to contact us for a personalized formula.


Available soon.

Infrared sauna

Discover in duo the pleasure to lie back and relax in an ergonomic seat while the full-spectrum infrared emitter relaxes your neck, shoulders and back with aroma and chromo sensations. The ergonomic and comfortable shape of the Relax-lounge bench offers a pure moment of relaxation and can contribute to the relief of back pain.

Massage de pieds

Specific cares
provided by our fully qualified partners

Body  relaxing massages

 Swedish, Pijat Kepala, californian , Abhyanga

Beauty specific cares :

hand, feet, nails, eyelash 

by ALEXANDRA  (qualified esthetician)

Tel +33 (0)6 59 75 29 73 Instagram : alex_ongles beauty Facebook : Alex Beauty


Range of specific standards and regulation regarding practice and routines

Foot and facial  techniques, including NEPIP, Lymph drainage,

specialist Palliative Care routines

by SARAH, member  of The Association of Reflexologists & Professional Reflexology in the UK           facebook : @manipurareflexology


Therapy that uses muscle cells biofeedback to look after imbalances causing emotional disorders, stress and pains.

by Linda, +33 (0) 7 85 39 51 68

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